When helping individuals with limited financial resources, the court can waive the initial filing fees to qualifying individuals. However, the Court typically will not waive filing fees if an individual is represented by Counsel. In order to assist modest means clients, first have the client file the Summons, Petition, Case Information documents with the Court on their own along with a completed form, JDF 205 (Motion to file without payment of filing fee)A checklist of supporting documents required by the Court is also attached.

Once the Court has accepted the new case, the attorney, whether representing as reduced-fee, pro bono or Unbundled, can begin assisting the client.


Attorneys in Colorado offering pro bono legal assistance can earn CLE credits

Attorneys can earn one general CLE unit for every five billable equivalent hours, not to exceed more than nine general CLE units in a three-year compliance/ reporting period.

If an attorney agrees to accept a case pro bono via a Weld County Legal Services referral, please complete the attached FORM 8; The attorney must complete this form and return it to WCLS – and WCLS will submit the form to the Board of Continuing Legal and Judicial Education on behalf of the attorney.

If an attorney agrees to accept a case pro bono that has come to him/her directly, the attorney can still reach out to Weld County Legal Services for the referral prior to representation –in order to take advantage of the CLE credits. 

Finally:  Attorneys completing pro bono cases for Weld County Legal Services are asked to kindly complete the attached form for Weld County Legal Services’ tracking information.  This information is important and necessary for ensuring the most accurate and up to date counts for those we have helped through the year. 

Attorney Resources

Volunteer interests

Ask An Attorney Clinics (held 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. once monthly, currently by phone)

Legal Nights (6 to 8 p.m. four times per year)

Reduced-Fee Representation

Unbundled Services (not full representation. Assistance with one contested hearing via a Limited Entry of Appearance, or drafting documents, but not officially “entering” in a case).

Unbundled services

It is a way for attorneys to assist local modest-means residents with their legal issues on a limited basis. Attorneys can assist with drafting documents behind the scenes. They can file with the Court a Limited Entry of Appearance – and represent the client for a contested hearing only. They can support a client behind the scenes with legal advice and guidance, without entering an appearance in the case at all.

Weld County Legal Services’ applicants will be vetted based on low-income guidelines established by the Colorado Judicial branch. Applicants who qualify will be referred to an attorney who is accepting Unbundled Services. By the very nature of Unbundled Services, the attorney will not be committed to representation for the duration of the case, rather, the attorney is expected to assist with specific, pre-defined legal issues, such as drafting documents or attending a contested hearing. These services will be limited and are at the sole discretion of the attorney while assisting the client in his/her legal journey. 

Most attorneys helping with Unbundled Services charge a reduced rate. This benefits the attorney as he/she does not have to commit to full-scale legal representation at a reduced rate. This benefits the client as he/she has legal assistance without the necessity of coming up with a full retainer.

It is the intent of Weld County Legal Services that this program be a collaborative effort between WCLS and the Court Information Center to fill the gap between free Ask-An-Attorney Clinics to courtroom legal representation. We hope this program will help reduce clogged court dockets by having an attorney familiar with a complicated legal process to aid and assist low-income clients with single issues without the commitment of a contested pro bono case that may last several months.

Attorney forms

Notice of Limited Appearance
Consent to Limited Appearance by Attorney
Notice of Completion to Limited Appearance

Don’t forget to close out cases with Weld County Legal Services by completing this form:

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